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(blog) Remastering everything 

After nearly 8 years of musical silence, I have been working for the past few months on re-mastering my 4 albums. For now, they will be only available as downloads, but hopefully before the summer we could be able to also make them available as CDs. The mastering was done by Michael MacDonald from SynthArts Studio. Michael makes it a fascinating and joyful experience, he seeks to bring out the intrinsic shine of the music without overstating any processing applied to the sound. The result is a buttery crispness that is very pleasing to the ear, giving the music a fluidity fit for its purpose.

The first album we did to break the ice - QUIETUDE - was a blessed introduction to the project, as I left the music alone for the most part. Michael and I simply tried to frame each song within the context of a solid listening experience, bringing harmony between songs that were created from various instruments at different times. It is now available as a digital download. TO PURCHASE QUIETUDE CLICK HERE.

The second one we are working on is - SILENCE - and this one opened up a whole new vista of possibilities, where I became involved with revisiting the music and filling in some spaces or adding textures and sounds. This one is about to be completed and should also be available as a download. A new album cover will accompany this remastering.

We also opened upĀ  - PATMOS - which also contains some ambient and electronica-ish pieces. This will be one to watch as it will be different from the other more reflective music I'm known for. I have "epic" ambitions for this one.

The last album will be - HEARTLAND DIARIES - and we should approach this one closer to the summer. HEARTLAND DIARIES is a very special album, a musical journaling of impacting events in my life from 1991 to 1999. The music is "gutty," powerful yet gentle, reflective and sometimes devotional. This album has received amazing feedback from people dealing with difficult situations at home, with teachers playing the music in school for quiet times with their students, in churches, hospital rooms, etc. It will conclude brilliantly this massive overtaking, which I hope is a prelude to a new season of musical creativity.

Voila! Stay tuned, and make sure to browse the samples from the HOME page or the STORE page!