“Devotional music is the soaring vehicle of the Spirit, and the place of power.” - John Sandford (Healing the Wounded Spirit)



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NEW RELEASE NOW AVAILABLE! (This is a re-release of an album created in 2005. This new release has many added arrangements). These instrumental improvisations and spontaneous ‘songs’ will invite you to pause and consider the pace of life and time in and around you. For soaking, intercession, rest, devotion, healing, creativity, working, walking, travels, survivors, wounded hearts, etc.

Dialogue with your heart in a womb of kindness, the virtue of silence tracing the contour of the present moment … see how you feel after :) …

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    Twelve Distant Thunders 10:21
  2. 2
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    You Alone 06:33
  3. 3
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    Sketches of Silence 05:45
  4. 4
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    About a Child 14:06
  5. 5
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    Alabaster Jar 06:32
  6. 6
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    Womb of Comfort 04:05
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    A Stone's Throw Beyond 06:39
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    Evening Prayer 05:22

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When I was 12 years old, I was stuttering. I had made it this far without knowing exactly how to let anyone know about the defilement and abuse I was subjected to almost daily. Drawing, carving, collecting stamps and birds pictures, writing poetry, dancing in a folklore troupe wasn't doing it. At that time, my brother showed me where to place my fingers on the piano keys to play Let it Be from the Beatles. It was a life-changing experience. The sound of the piano, responding to my own playing, awakened a deep response within and from that day on, music became almost a primary language. I would rely on it for the rest of my life to provide expression to the deepest places of my human experience, where words don't have much of an ability (or purpose) to clearly describe, define, or "process" emotions.

Something happens when we pause and "drink in" the present moment: listening to the ambient noises of the house, the cat purring, the children sleeping, or at the office, on the street, the mall, bus or airport, nature, etc. Listening to music with the same intent can lead to such an experience of the present moment, and rejuvenate us in the process just by enlarging our awareness of place, time and space, of the experience of being alive - in the now.

So I invite you to turn this album on and let the instrumental music take you somewhere uniquely yours, with your own emotions and your own thoughts. Well-being, healing and renewal often happen when we let go of inner tension and let the voice of the Spirit of God reach us for a moment, as we stand unguarded and vulnerable... May this music provide such a place of encounter for you.
André Lefebvre


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  • Andre

    William Adkins, Texas

    · Oct 6 2014 2:18 PM
    Purchased your four albums a few years ago (maybe six years ago??). It is perfect soaking/relaxation music. Just kind of happened on your site back then when I was searching for music. Liked the samples so much I got them all. I actually haven't listened in awhile but while we were driving home from North Texas a couple of days ago I was looking for some music to play and saw Patmos. Played it and remembered how much I enjoyed your music. I am glad you are back to work on your music. G-d has given you a great gift and anointing. I pray His blessing upon your endeavors and look forward to purchasing all the remastered works! Thanks for allowing Him to use you!
  • Jubal

    Jubal Richmond, VA

    God grant you great success in the remastering process Andre! Many blessings!
  • QueenLucy-2013

    QueenLucy-2013 Texas

    Love love this music. True worship.

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